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Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you had someone to hold you accountable 24/7? At Diamond Training, we pride ourselves on results, and these results are achievable by accountability within' our client-trainer relationships. We have designed our company based around our clients and assure you have every tool necessary to reach any and every goal, both physical and mental. Our results are made achievable by our one-on-one touch and personalized experience.

One of the benefits of training with us is the one-on-one focus you receive during each session. We are there to guide you and in the absence of a group able to dial our focus into making you the best version of yourself by increasing your knowledge and body awareness. Additionally, rather than only being able to speak to your trainer during sessions we have designed out client-trainer relationship to have open channels of communication.

Daily, we guarantee check-ins. Through text, you will be able to express any questions/concerns you may have about your daily habits and routine. Also, you will be able to send pictures of your meals for review and feedback. With this model, we can promote improved nutrition and better overall health. Monthly, you will have measurements and weigh-in's to assure your goals are being met. Also, you will be able to inform your trainer of new goals you've set for the following month. We will then take those goals and add them to our board and custom tailor the next month's plan.

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